Meghan's Wishlist

At the prodding of various friends and family members, I have uploaded this list of things that I wish I had for use on my birthday (August 30) or other holidays. They are listed by what they are, and some are even in alphabetical order.

Other suggested items include fantasy-themed puzzles (500 pieces or less), decorative journals, and funky pens.


* Alexander, Lloyd - The Book of Three (hardcover)
* Alexander, Lloyd - The Black Cauldron (hardcover)
* Alexander, Lloyd - The Castle of Llyr (hardcover)
* Alexander, Lloyd - Taran Wanderer (hardcover)
* Alexander, Lloyd - The High King (hardcover)
* Fletcher, Joann (Dr.) - The Search for Nefertiti
* Nunn, Joan - Fashion in Costume 1200-2000
* Wood, Monica - Description

Costumes/Miscellaneous Online Store Items

* Snood in black from (no size)
* Black walnut & maple wand from (no size)
* Blue & gray scarf from (no size)


Widescreen DVDs are preferred over fullscreen editions when available. :)
* Chicago
* Miss Congeniality
* Robin Hood (Disney animated film)
* Robin Hood -- Prince of Thieves (Special Edition)
* The Black Cauldron (Disney animated film)
* The Sword in the Stone (Disney animated film)
* Titan A.E.

Gift Cards & Certificates

Generally I prefer gift cards, since I tend to misplace certificates.
* - online gift certificates
* B. Dalton (bookstore) - gift card for use in store
* Barnes & Noble (bookstore) - gift card for use in store
* Sam's/Wal-Mart - gift card for use in store or online gift certificate
* Waldenbooks (bookstore) - gift card for use in store


* Celtic Woman (Celtic/new age) by Celtic Woman
* King Arthur (soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer
* The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack) by James Horner
* Music Inspired by Middle Earth by David Arkenstone
* Pirates of the Caribbean (soundtrack) by Klaus Badelt/Hans Zimmer
* Point of Faith (Celtic/new age) by Aeone
* Sleeping Beauty (Disney soundtrack)
* Songs from a Secret Garden (Celtic/new age) by Secret Garden
* The Three Musketeers (soundtrack) by Bryan Adams
* Titan A.E. (soundtrack)

Sheet Music

I really want the sheet music written for piano and/or vocal, not harp versions!
* Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - music book for piano/vocal/chords

Click here for printable version.